Our story is a living one - and therefore difficult to put on paper.  But, here are a few historic brushstrokes that have set the stage for where we are today. From the beginning, members here began to believe that they were called here just as the pastor was called.  We are family. There is a history of a desire to experience the practical side of what the “ministry of reconciliation” means whether individual, family, corporate or denominational. This has been a journey not without struggles. 


When we were able to purchase and build on Highway 6 (5 acres and one building), there was a sense of permanence that connected us to this community. In August of 1983, that permanence was physically challenged when Hurricane Alicia destroyed the end of our facility and initiated a discussion with Sugar Land Properties (SLP) about re-locating.  Shortly after the hurricane, one of our ladies came to church with the message that she believed the Lord was going to give us "twice the property and twice the buildings".  That actually came to fruition but not before SLP paid off our indebtedness so that we could negotiate with a clear title. 800 Brooks Street (10 acres and two buildings) is the fulfilment of the Lord’s promise. We were able to make the move “without cost.”

So, long story short, we realize that we are “stewards of shared sacred space” for the purpose of ministry in this community. That has driven us as we pray about His preferred future for us, and as a result, we currently have other worshiping fellowships, a preparatory academy and a sports outreach who “share sacred space" with us.  

We believe that every circumstance is an opportunity: 

  • To Glorify God

  • To Serve Others, and

  • To Develop the Character of Jesus.


We all share the campus for the sake of those who will be reached because we are here.  We are working toward ways we, as different ministries, can reach people who come to the campus for other reasons with the message of Jesus.

As the host of 800 Brooks Street, we are asking the Lord to: 

Establish His Kingdom and Transform lives. 

Spirit of life community

redeemer presbyterian church