Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

  • Mission Statement: The mission of our church is already stated in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go (actually ‘going’) make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”

  • Vision: As a statement We are living as a congregation without walls in ministry to our acquaintances and in teamwork with other congregations of the area. We are reaching non-churched people with life needs through prayer and supportive relationships in small care groups which are stepping stones to full Kingdom life. We are a congregation living in Biblical truth and love through the transforming power of the cross and resurrection of Jesus.

  • Vision: As a picture  God, in His wisdom, has chosen that there should be special places in our world where people who are seeking Him may find Him. God wants these places to be like an oasis in a dry desert world. 800 Brooks Street is one of these unique places. Here in this place God has dug a well deep and wide and filled this place with an abundant and inexhaustible supply of water – Living Water, the Water of Life. This water fills my well. You’ve tasted it too. It has quenched our thirsts, healed our hurts, and refreshed our souls with the transforming Grace and Love of God.

    Now we the people of this place have been given a great mission: to welcome people seeking the Living Water of God. They can all drink from the well. One by one we will serve them here and in the community until their hurts are healed, their lives rejuvenated and they can be equipped for the great adventure of living their lives for Jesus Christ.

       To put it simply, "We exist to establish the Kingdom of God in sugar Land, Texas!"

  • Vision: As bullet points

    “Five One’s”

    “One” (I need to have a transforming encounter with the Living God through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.)

    “One Flesh” (My relationship with the Lord cannot grow or be sustained without the primary relationships of life, starting with husband and wife and the family.)

    “One Congregation” (I need to be a part of a believing, worshiping group of people who are committed to walking out their faith in open and accountable ways.”

    “One Church” (Beyond the separate identities and separate worship settings, we are currently five churches on campus at 800 Brooks Street, committed to being more together than we could be separately.

    “One Community” (We are committed to impacting our Sugar Land community as part of the greater church in our area.)


The earliest known depiction of the Trinity, Dogmatic Sarcophagus, 350 AD[73]Vatican Museums. Displaying the far end of the work with the earliest known depiction of the Trinity creating Eve (or resurrecting Lazarus).